GW 4"-Green Wall Vertical Planter Kit for 4” grow pots.

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Dimensions: 20” wide x 31” height x 7.25” deep

  • 5 trays with 4 plants per tray for total of 20 plants.
  • Attach your grid, insert trays, insert wicks, arrange your plants in trays, fill trays with water,  light and Grow Happy.
  • You supply the plants and we supply the Green Walls made beautifully simple!  
    Qty Item # Description
    1 GW-GRID5075 Grid
    1 GW-PT50-1210 Non Drain Tray
    4 GW-PT50-1210-DP Drained Tray
    8 GW-DH-14  Drain Hoses
    8 GW-LF-09 Leaf Screens
    4 GW-F-DW Drywall Fasteners
    4 GW-WASHERS Washers
    40 GW-WB-138B 4" Sipper Wicks